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  The next day our friends got up and got ready for their adventure to find the lost medallion .Julian prepared his revolver
against attacks by alligators, Satoshi took double shots to be sure to hit the target shotgun, Yuka took his notebook on which he y'avait his notes on the locket in question, our friends came together on the dock to make a boat that could carry to ...

Julian saw an African-American sailor and asks: << hello my good can you tell me if your ship is available for a team of archaeologists >> sailor replied:. << Have to see it with my captain I can not tell you offhand. >>. Julian went to
the captain, who was a surprise for his wife, with Asian features and pale complexion for a young woman, she was smoking a cigarette in his chair, feet on his desk with a glass of rum in her right hand she grumbled << what is the guy who dared enter without knocking? If this is you Bombate you will hear me !! >>. Julian replied: << Excuse me for interrupting your rest but can you take me and my team for an expedition >>?. The young woman stood up, she had long black hair, wearing a red t-shirt with denim overalls, she was surprised to see Julian and replied: << for an expedition where? >>. Julian pointed to the map and the position where it had to go, the young woman said: << OK matey call your colleague that's okay to me because it's Sachiko Shinozaki ... >>
Julian gave her the device by presenting our friends were going on an adventure to the Native American medallion ... meanwhile Sakutaro
Morishige was equipped accordingly Japonnais a saber, an Mp-28, a Kar-98 with telescopic sight and strings-if he should make way prisonniers.son of transportation was a boat with oars and a grapple to board the vessel, he watched from afar, the day was just beginning he took a big risk doing that day because it could be spotted but he hid in the tall grass ..
Naomi remained on deck to enjoy the breeze of the wind in her hair, Julian read the book Yuka to know a little more about the artifact.

Added later in the day our friends seemed to arrive at the scene, the sailors moored the ship on shore, our team of archaeologists had finally arrived, the team was preparing the bivouac for the night was beginning to fall, which was a great boon to the infamous Morishige, who was lurking in the shadows ready to pounce on its prey.

Julian stayed on the boat to read the book Yuka Yuka Bombate was with to carry his things and put them in camp, Seiko and Naomi were checking the condition of equipment, Satoshi helped the sailors to install tents ...

Farther cruel kizami preparing traps of all kinds for our friends, pity was not within range. ...
It was dark, our friends were sleeping, except Julian, who was reading notes Yuka. Further Morishige crawled like a snake hunter, armed with a machine gun, loaded and cocked with a sadistic smile on his lips, Yuuya made ​​him a lot of noise which woke Yuka, who was a light sleeper, Morishige advanced towards her imperturbable Yuka heard the rustle of no kizami who stormed out screaming. << >> showtime !!! what frightened Yuka screaming in terror the entire camp awoke Morishige fired a burst into the air and shouted: "<regroup you !! fast !! >>.

Satoshi had just enough time to hide in the reeds with Julian and Sachiko.

Yuuya laughed ominously while shadows came out in their laps reeds armed to the teeth these shadows turn out the light, these men looked like bushes players their faces were gray and green camouflage they had put on their faces spoke some German and Italian sides of other Japanese, Yuuya asked a question Yuka: << tell me where little can he hide your head huh? Go'm not shy one is us! >>. Yuka shook what seemed predictable at the sight of the young man armed with a hunting knife that he was turning over his face ... in the absence of response he ordered his men to search the ship. More Sachiko whispered: << do nothing otherwise to kill your friends and sailors and we even well-sure ... >> Julian was silent and looked at the scene he saw with horror Morishige, the young man he had met in Cambridge while studying the Germanic remains with him, Julian did not understand what was happening .Yuuya drew his revolver and charged only with a bullet in the barrel and smiled and said: << what is time to play !!! >> and pointed his gun at Yuka and said: << where Irish answer or you die !! >>. Yuka frightened replied: << >> s..sais not !!!. Yuuya pulled the trigger, who let out a single click, Yuka saw his life flash ... she was afraid Yuuya pointed the gun at one of the unfortunate sailor and shot, the ball fell to him on the skull of the unfortunate burst like fruit too ripe, he let out a sadistic laugh and tells Yuka: << you're lucky it could put into you !! >>.

After the search that went nowhere one of them set fire to the ship, and if set off, causing their prisoners with them ...

Julian, Satoshi and Sachiko followed them from afar, not to attract attention to themselves ...

Yuka was silent and looked down to not make eye contact with kizami, they went up into trucks and swooped in to a port for shipping to an unknown location ...

Julian saw an old man with a car, he ran to ask if he could follow the trucks advancing but preferably remote
The old man nodded and waved up ..

further Hammerstein waiting on the dock to board a cargo ship that would take him to Argentina with his men. The trucks were timely ..

Kizami motioned to raise the prisoners as soon as possible, but one man stayed away for no doubt to smoke a cigarette, Sachiko took the opportunity to knock him out and drag him for questioning ... nobody doubted his demise. It looked like two peas in Julian, Julian stole his uniform and his registration plate, and returned kizami and man to make an account all round ...

Kizami ordered Julian: << Dieter! Makest prisoners in the hold! >>.

Julian replied with brief nod and ordered the prisoners to move forward ...

The group walked without protest, Julian waited to be alone to uncover her face and save his friends ...
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