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my first reskin of soldier 3 by GGX-444
my first reskin of soldier 3
i made it with photofiltre

and the original is from bstylez

the ak-47 is by damianhandy 

and the reskin by me 

if you want this reskin ask me and credit bstylez for the original mod and me for the reskin 
my first reskin of soldier 2 by GGX-444
my first reskin of soldier 2
i made it with photofiltre

and the original is from bstylez

the ak-47 is by damianhandy 

and the reskin by me 

if you want this reskin ask me and credit bstylez for the original mod and me for the reskin 
my first reskin of soldier 1 by GGX-444
my first reskin of soldier 1
i made it with photofiltre

and the original is from bstylez

the ak-47 is by damianhandy 

and the reskin by me 

if you want this reskin ask me and credit bstylez for the original mod and me for the reskin 
Seiko: uuuuaaaaah whyyyyy me !!! help!!i don't wanna die !!!

Sachiko: come on this will quick i swear ...

Seiko: no ! 

Naomi: Seiko, pleeease, I really want to kill you!
Seiko: Alrightly then, babe ;D

me: ooh god lesbian killing Can fuck her before you kill her Naomi ?

Naomi: nope ...

me: damnit !

Seiko:hey where are you going come help me !! hey !! no Naomi no !!

Seiko: ghkkkeha....ahnbsejjj
Sachiko: Die alredy!
Sachiko: C'mon
Sachiko: -_- ok, it's not so quick

Me:*cutting rope* sorry Naomi but nope.. come on Seiko !!
Seiko:aaarf aaarg kofkof !!*come with me*
Me: let's go quickly !!!
Sachiko: YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE! *throws a scizzors at me*

Me:aaargh fuck you !! it's hurt !!
Seiko: Julian !! 
Me:go away !! *remove scizzors and take it like a knife *
Naomi:what should i do Sachiko ? 

Sachiko: Naomi, go kill Seiko! I will kill this little son of a b*tch! *teleports behind you and stabs you with another scizzors*

Me:fuck of little monster !!!*grab sachiko and throw her in the wall * 
Sachiko:how dare you that !!
Me: i hunt the monster like you *hold a gun*now die ! 

Sachiko: Where did you get tha....??? Ah, f*ck this! *disappears*
Naomi: Where the hell am I?
Naomi: What the fu..?

Me: Seiko,Naomi where are you ? 
ladies !? 

Naomi: And who are you?
Seiko:I don't know, some monster :3
*teleporting sound*
Sachiko: I am back! And I am not alone!
Yuki, Ryou, Tokkiko: Hello! We are here to kill you!
*Yuki is trying to stab Naomi and Seiko*
Seiko: not again!
Naomi: aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
*Sachiko, Tokkiko and Ryou are going forward you*

Me:damnit vade retro !!! satanas !! go out !! *show a cross*
the ghosts: uuuuaaaaarg what is this let's get out we are sorry Sachiko !!
Me: leave them alone you monster !!
Naomi:help me !!! 
Seiko: hey monster slayer help us please !!
Me: no worries*kick the Sachiko's buttcock*
Sachiko: aaaaoooooh how you dare this again you will pay for this !!
Me: eh eh nope *take submachinegun and shot* !

Sachiko: heh, I have an invisible bulletproof shield
Yuki: ehm...but we haven´t!
Ryou: oh, sh*t!
*Ryou, Yuki and Tokkiko dies*

me:eh eh well let take my anti-tank rifle for you little shield ...
Sachiko: how you got it too !!!damnit !!!
Seiko:he is a hero ..

Sachiko: ok If you can have guns I will spawn nuclear bomb here, and if you will shoot me,it will explode!
*spawns frog*
Sachiko: What the hell??? How...why...what???

me:eh eh come little girl stop and be a nice person not a fucking demon,who kill without mercy people i know your story 
you were killed after your mother ...
Naomi: you know the story of this monster ?
Seiko:ssshhhh don't say it she will kill us ! 

Sachiko: Wait, how do know this??? And I am not a monster Naomi! I am just a dead girl, not monster.

me: you are not monster you were a cute girl with her mother you had i simple life and taken quickly,you are not plague .
Naomi: how you can say it to this zombie eeeerk !
Seiko: don't taunt her Naomi please i don't want die !


Naomi:ok ok ok i just kidding .

me: Naomi you are stupid you know she can kill you easely and you taunt her again !

Seiko: is she calm now Julian ?

Me: i have no idea perhaps yes perhaps not .. 

Sachiko: no worries i just want send to you yoshikazu Naomi he need something special...

Naomi: uh like what ? 

Yoshikazu: we'll bang ok ?

Naomi: uh what ?

Yoshikazu:we'll bang ok ?!

Naomi: no i don't want a bang ok no ! *run away*.

Yoshikazu: well hey come back here !!! *run after Naomi* 

Satoshi:hey!....wait...what the hell is going on here?
Seiko:Um...nothing special :3
Sachiko: heh, another victim,um...guest
Naomi: heeeelllp meeeeee!!!! i don't wanna be fucked by this ugly monster !!!
Yoshikazu:come on it just a bang and this will done ! 
Naomi: nooooo !!! *run faster she can*
Sachiko: you see Seiko your friend Naomi will be how i say for to not scare you ... mmm ... fucked yep fucked... by him he like beautiful girl ... don't you Seiko ?

Morishige: no worries sweetie i'm there...
Yuka:O (Eek)nii chan ? what happennig to Naomi ?
Kizami:no idea but this will disgusting don't look !
Yuka:but kizami you are not my big brother !
kizami: damnit i forgot it ..

Sachiko: alright, now back to our story what did you say about my mother?
Naomi: Stop just standing around and HELP MEEEEEE!
*you have to choose:*
Try to calm Sachiko
    Help Naomi

Me: mmm difficult choice ... *calm Sachiko*

well little girl let's go back to our story, shig, satochi please go help Naomi...

Morishige and Satochi: what ?! ooh hell no ! 

Me:*pointing a gun in their direction* you don't have choice so DO IT NOW !!!IT'S A ORDER !!!

Morishige and Satochi: ok ok ok ok se let's go .... 

Me: well little sis i say about your mother,she was really kind with you but you didn't have the time for to know how many she loved you ... 

Sachiko: you right for that big bro ....

Naomi: aaaah no  put me down you monster !!!*taken by Yoshikazu* .

Yoshikazu: hey easy little i just want bang with you, it was a long time i didn't it ! 

Naomi:no no put me down the only one who can touch me like that is SATOCHI !!! 

Yoshikazu: yeah yeah sure but were is he when you are in trouble like that uh ? 

Satochi: Right behind you! *kicks Yoshikazu*¨
Yoshikazu: um......auch? *picks up his hammer*
Morishige: Satoshi, you idiot! RUN!
*morishige and satochi runs and Yoshikazu runs too*
Naomi: Uh, finally...
Sachiko: hmm....maybe I could stop killing people....But it´s so much fun.....but they didn´t do anything to me.....BUT IT´S SO MUCH FUN!!
Yoshiki: WTF? She´s crazy.
Ayumi: HEY!
Yoshiki: Not you.

Me: *catch Sachiko by the hairs* nope no one kill no one ok ?
Sachiko: aaaoh my hairs bastard *try to kick me*
Me: eh eh stop it or you will deserve my kick in your ass !!! 
Sachiko: fuck you i'm the queen of heavenly host !!!
Me: yeah yeah and i'm ths son of Satan !!
Yoshiki: you should stop do that man she make me creep !!!
Me: shut up Knight !!!
Ayumi: we should beg her !!! 
Me: beg this little demon no thanks !!!
Naomi: ah ah ah ah lolz Sachiko is in the air LOLZ !!!
Sachiko: that not funny this is so humiliating !! 
Me: so what should i do with you should i crush  your face in the wall or not ... tell me you all even you Ms Shishido !!*start to become crazy* 
Sachiko: SAY NO PLEASE !!!!*screaming like hell*.

say cruch her in the wall

or not crush her in the wall 

*you feel pain in your back, you turn around and see Yoshikazu with his hammer*
Yoshikazu: You forgot about me, son of a b*itch!
Sachiko? YeSSss, KiLL HIm! *Stabs you in your arm*
leave Sachiko and try to escape

Me: well my arm is not broke i should go or not *take Naomi lika shield* 
Naomi: hey no leave me alone !

Me: so you want her take her bro !!

Yoshikazu:o (Eek)h thank bro !

Noami: noooooo!! *try to escape*

Me: eh eh eh nice cool zombie fuck human ...well where is the little bitch *look his arm* 

Sachiko: DiD yOu JuST CAll Me BiTCh??? YoU WIll PaY fOR tHiS So mUCh!
*tries to stab you*
You: Stop, you idiots! Are you just fighting again??? Are you stupid, or what? We can make a deal and leave this place in peace, what do you think?
Naomi: I don´t f*cking care, JUST HELP MEEEEEEEEE
Satoshi: That´s good idea
Yuka: But, I need to pee
Satoshi: Shup up! We are talking here!

Kizami: uh Yuka heeeelp !!!*grab her*
Yoshikazu: hey guys stop fighting !!! 
All: what ?!
Me: uh okay...
Sachiko: fuck yeah we should stop it !*grab herb and smoke*
Me: oh fuck yeah !!*grab zippo and smoke too*
Yuka: i need to pee !!!
Satochi: smoke it and shut up !
Kizami: eh eh eh i'm stoned eh eh hey !
Naomi: i see double ...
Seiko: what is this shit kof kof ! i'm stoned ..
Me: aaaaah this is really good ... hey seiko what are doing...
Seiko: *taking *d**k and suck*... 
Me: okiiiiii... hey yoshiki ...
Yoshiki: what ? *grab Ayumi's boobs*.
Ayumi: aaauuuugh i'm feel good i'm really stoned ...

Ayumi: Hey..hey everyone, stop smoking! we need to get out of here!
Yuki: I know how to get out of here!
Ryou: You are dead idiot!
Yuki: oh...sorry
*dies again*

Me: eh eh lolz we are not now let's go out !!
Morishige: he is too stoned !
Mayu: i think yes ...
Yuka: well let's go ! 
all: ok !
Sachiko: no don't go now please we didn't finish my herb !
Me: sorry sis thank for all !!
Sachiko: promise me to come again !! 

Morishige: but, how can we leave???
Yuka: Let´s teleport!
Satoshi: Shut up Yuka! You are too stupid!
Seiko: Any ideas?

sachiko: heeeeyyy i have the solution you guys ....*fall on floor*.
Me: oh you oki sis ?
Sachiko:yeah yeah let the time to open the gate for you all ...*sit up*
All: ooh really ?
Sachiko: it's done*open the gate for to go out*
All: oooh fuck yeah !!!
Sachiko: aaaaw they will miss me where are you Yoshikazu ? 

Yoshikazu: hmmdogjrlkglr.....dffggmmm....
Naho: uh...the herb was too strong for him

Sachiko: hey who are you you bitch !!?
Yoshikazu: woooo this girl is really damn cute !!!*jump on Naho*
Naho: wooh slowly ok ? this is the first time i do with undead like you ... 
Sachiko: aaaaw come on leave her go ... 

Kisagari:....we should go now, bye!
Yuka: What are they doing?
Satoshi: Shut up, and don´t look!

Yoshikazu: ooooh this is really awsome !!!
Naho: yeah take me !!! ooooh you are amazing !
Yoshikazu: eh eh jackpot ... you that ? uh ! 
Naho: oooooh god !!
Satochi:OMG this is really disgusting !!! 
Yuka: what the fuck is that Onii chan? 

Morishige *taking photos*
Mayu: Shig! Stop it!
Ayumi:um....we should really go now.
Yuka: but I want to know...
Satoshi: JUST GO!
*pushes Yuka through the portal*
all: Bye
*Morishige still taking photos*
Mayu: SHIG!
*pushes shig through portal and everyone go through the portal too*

Me: aaaaah home sweet home ....*take a breathe* 
Seiko: yeah we still alive*kissing the floor*
Naomi: thank for the help Julian.
Me: eh eh no probs ..
Satochi:hey Naomi is mine ! 
Me: hey keep calm mate i have my girl friend ..*looking Seiko*
Satochi: aaaw i see ...
Yoshiki: uh mate take it this is for ya*give a military dog tag to me*
Me: oh thank i love military dog tag bro.
Me: well i should ask something to Seiko ...
Morishige: ooh what is it man ?*looking photos* 
Me: eh eh *blush*something special ...
All guys: oh really ? 
Me: yep ... 

Seiko: I heard you´re talking about meeeeeee :3 , so what do you want?

Me: uh i want to say something to you ... how i say it ..ok i go will you marry me ?

Yoshiki: oh my ...

Yuka: aaaaw how cute look at onii chan ..

Seiko: ...
all: ...
Seiko: I...I don´t even know you....but you saved us....but I love Naomi...
Naomi: Whaaaaaaaaaa????
Seiko: maybe....I don´t know....I´m not even a adult, so I can´t
Yuka: You can be his girlfriend
Satoshi: Shut u.....wait....that´s a good idea

Me: ooops sorry i never know it but when you stoned you ....
Morishige: yep i saw it and. ...
Mayu: no don't show it !*give a hit in the belly*
Satochi: i don't remember it ...
Naomi: me too ...
Yoshiki: i saw take the d**k and **ck it too..
Ayumi: oh my ..... 
Yuka: it's disgusting ...
Kizami: eh eh what did you expect Yuka chan's this way we make babies ...XD
Seiko: what wha.. we made it ?
Me: uh yep ... that all i remember ...
Seiko: no it's not real i will be pregnant !!!
Mayu: uh i think yes ... 
Seiko: noooooo!!!
Me: uh ok but we can  arrange this right?
Morishige: uuum not sure.
Kizami: i know kill the baby !!!
Yuka: oooh you are gross !!
Kizami: what ? 

Yui: um...I think you should go home, it´s  pretty late
Satoshi: oh I totally forgot...
Yui: And don´t forget to do your homework
all: F*CK THIS!
Kizami: umm...I can kill her

Me: heeey easy eh eh i made already my homework and i want spend more time with a beautiful teacher like Ms Shishido ..

Ms Shishido: don't think that boy and go home ...

Me: very well ... let go home*jump on his bike*

Seiko: your bike is really beautiful can i come with you...

Me: of course my dear jump on it i have a second helmet ...i can spend with you time for homework ...
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